I have been working all day on a client’s kitchen remodel design (well not so much the actual design as much as the ‘production’ of the design). Today was lighting selection day, and since we are doing a modern farmhouse theme – flipped inside out – alot of the lighting fixtures we selected are barn style with a little industrial thrown in for good measure!  Now my eyes are just about done for the day, but I thought since I am way over due for a posting I would throw out a little daily dose of white in the kitchen category…To me this kitchen has just the right amount of eclectic and contrasting materials…stone, concrete, wood, metal, and of course…a touch of glam!  It’s modern, industrial, rustic and very chic all at the same time.  For those of you who do not know of one of my favorite new on-line magazines…Take a look at EST from Australia –  it’s a great source for inspiration!  Enjoy!!