The decision has been made!  The new sofa will not be in white, but in a wonderful medium warm gray!  After months (and months) of anguish and swatches and upholstery quotes…and well, lots of stress – the final decision is a gray sofa.  BUT!!  Yes, BUT, since the new sofa will be a slip-covered sofa, I have the option to have a white sofa as well!! (see my earlier post about the great white sofa debate)  I can have 2 sofas in one!! Sheer genius!  I can now have the gray sofa for the cats and dogs and cocktails and movie-night snacks days…and I can have a white one for the no-one-will-really-be-using-the-sofa-so-it-can-be-beautiful-and-pure-white-right-now days too…Ahhh, total design relief!  I opted not to go custom, but to go with a stock sofa as a temporary fix and focus on the master bedroom and bathroom (hopefully soon) remodel.  I just couldn’t stand the thought of spending a fortune on a sofa that I wasn’t even sure I’d love once it showed up, as well as the cats, cocktails and such…so problem solved!  Now if I can just wait until the January delivery!!