I have been obsessing over iron and/or steel frame windows lately…Our house has an enclosed patio, done by the previous owner.  It’s one of the reasons we bought the house, because I loved the idea of having my office be part of the main living space instead of in a little room off somewhere.  The room has glass on 2 sides, one to the inside – adjacent to the living room, and one to a small side patio area.  It’s wonderful, because I get light from both sides, but the window wall to the outside are those crappy cheap metal frames – what I affectionately refer to as ‘winnebago’ windows, that I want to tear out daily!!  They desperately need to be replaced, and I have been dreaming of replacing both sides with black steel frame windows (which would also help to satisfy my dream of living in a warehouse loft someday), but I know it will cost a fortune!  It would be an amazing addition to our modern home, but would it be worth the cost even if we could afford it?  My heart says hell yes, of course!  But my head says, uh, well, no…sadly.  What’s a girl to do??  Has anyone gone with iron or steel frame windows?? Was it worth it…are they amazing??

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