Ok. Has anyone seen the December Elle Decor cover?  Is that Jean de Merry fixture not totally fantastic?!?!!  I have had my eye on that fixture for a few years now, and especially love it in the blackened finish.  ( continuing on my latest obsession for black iron and steel ) I first saw it in a design showroom at the SFDC and have been coveting it ever since.  I have now seen it featured a few times in design mags and the recent cover of Elle Decor just brought it back to front of mind.  So on a lighting note, I thought I would post of few of my favorites from my files.  I love all types of lighting styles…from the decadent chandelier to the spare, single light bulb…

Jean de Merry light fixture

– older reference. sorry for not having the image info.

Ocher Arctic Pear chandelier...I have so loved this for some time now!

this is a little beyond my style, but it totally rocks!