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Among all the things that flow in and out of my brain on a daily basis, certain images from my digital library will occasionally just pop into my head – and for no reason that I have come up with at all.  I have folders upon folders of various categories of design filed away; one of my favorites being the ‘DESIGNERS / ARCHITECTS’ folder…For whatever reason, this mornings’ ‘flash’ was of Jerome Abel Seguin, a French designer that I love.  Take a look at his home in Bali…the palette is phenomenal, the mix of materials are just incredible ( and simply perfect in my opinion ) and touches of what I assume are some of his art and furniture pieces along with some local cultural artifacts.  I just love the way the light plays on and with the structure and materials and bounces around the spaces…pure heaven.

All images via Interior Design Magazine 2010

And one of his newer art pieces as well as one of my long-time favorites…