I love, love, LOVE chevron and herringbone floors.  They have such a wonderful graphic presence and when done with an amazing wood species in the right space, they can be the most incredible floors...and the best part is that they can easily can go either classic or modern!  They make such a phenomenal statement – I think if I had them I wouldn’t want to put anything else in the space!!  There is such a subtle difference between the two patterns, I wonder which I would choose if I ever had the right space (and $$$) to install them.  My guess is that I would probably go for chevron because it has slightly bolder cleaner lines overall, but the herringbone is so classic and beautiful…I’m sure it would be a huge struggle to decide.  Here are just a few great images of each pattern from my files…Enjoy!

via B&B Italia

Ok...Three words: TO DIE FOR!!! (via parquest de tradition)


via Marie Claire

via Ditte Isager

loooove in black!