We are in the process of redesigning our courtyard.  We had to remove 3 plum trees that were very old, diseased, and had not been well cared for by the previous owners.  This necessity ( and hard, hard labor ) has created an opportunity to redesign the entire space, which is really an outdoor room.  We have long thought to replace the plums with olive trees.  And as much as I have loved having the blossoms in the spring and the benefit of fresh plums, they were very messy and problematic trees for this particular location.  We will of course continue to use gravel because it is water-wise and very dog friendly ( !! ), and I will probably take some of my beautiful agave out of their pots and put them in the ground, as they will finally have a proper place to live…and I would possibly like to add a water feature…its now or never!

I have been looking through my garden and yard inspiration files, so as usual, I thought I would share a few of the ones I have pulled as details and ideas for the new design, as well as ones that are just some all-time favorites.

if only...

via garden design magazine

love, love, love the agave

I absolutely love this first water feature!  Our courtyard is a very rectangular space, and I would love to incorporate a long water feature of some sort.

via dezeen

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via garden design magazine

I have loved this niche bench for a very long time…it is such smart and simple design!!  I have found it in multiple publications and varying shots, but this shows the entire space and it’s just so great…so serene…It’s in South Africa…and here is the view from the bench…


via seth stein architect