I have been missing in action lately – I know.  But it’s ‘that’ time of year again…one of my favorites!  It’s planting time so we have been busy!!  We have a pretty small yard, but made the conscious decision that if we were going to spend time and energy and water (!) on our yard, then it better ‘give back’…so nearly everything in our yard is edible.  It doesn’t hurt that we live in an amazingly perfect place to grow – Northern California with its’ wet winters, hot summers and clean, fresh air!  My adorable and very talented photographer husband took a few snaps from our garden the other morning, during a light spring rain…the tone of the light – subtle gray w/ the green hills reflecting around…just beautiful.  Here are a few of the shots he took…it’s still early, so everything is still young and mostly green – but I will share more later on this summer when things really get going…Hope you are out digging in the dirt…Enjoy!

My beautiful grapes!  It seemed like they were a little slow to start up again this year, but once they did…there is no stopping them now!!celery…it made it through winter here …its amazing!potatoes…lemon balm…Spinach!…yes, spinach already!!  I bought little ‘tents’ this year so that I could start my spinach during winter…I don’t know why it took me so long to figure that one out, but now we will have spinach year round!!Arugula! – It came up with my tulips and made it through winter!

My agaves…my babies…though not edible of course…just love them!Strawberries…This is the little orange tree ‘that could’!…it’s only about 4′ right now…but has about 1000 blooms on it!  If each bloom becomes an orange…oh boy!!

My very last batch of tulips…

Baby blackberries…

Cherry blossoms…(pie cherries!)

Our ‘no birds allowed to eat the seeds’ pin-wheels!

Another shot of my beautiful agave!

Huge spinach!

Baby blueberries!!