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I really LOVE grey-greens.  Think olive trees, lambs ears, French lavender…love.  I also love chartreuse.  PMS 390…PMS 397…you know.  Well when I came across this post searching for tile – my newest obsession (more on that later)…I saw it and was in complete awe.  Then I saw it was another amazing project from one of my favorites Joseph Dirand.  Of course it is.  Monsieur Bleu at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.  A palette of black and white, with grey-greens, soft greys, chartreuse and a fantastic punctuation of gold!!…I mean come on…Look at this space!!  It takes a very special talent, and a very refined touch to pair those colors together with such elegance, subtlety, and vibrance at the same time.  The lighting fixtures are just fantastic…and look at that amazing stone on the banquette – he clearly pulled his palette from the coloring…just stunning.  Oh how I’d love to see the space at night, drinking a glass of champagne of course…enjoy.

Monsieur-Bleu-at-the-Palais-de-Tokyo-in-Paris-yatzer-15 Monsieur-Bleu-at-the-Palais-de-Tokyo-in-Paris-yatzer-16 Monsieur-Bleu-at-the-Palais-de-Tokyo-in-Paris-yatzer-13 Monsieur-Bleu-at-the-Palais-de-Tokyo-in-Paris-yatzer-11 Monsieur-Bleu-at-the-Palais-de-Tokyo-in-Paris-yatzer-10 Monsieur-Bleu-at-the-Palais-de-Tokyo-in-Paris-yatzer-9 Monsieur-Bleu-at-the-Palais-de-Tokyo-in-Paris-yatzer-8 Monsieur-Bleu-at-the-Palais-de-Tokyo-in-Paris-yatzer-6 Monsieur-Bleu-at-the-Palais-de-Tokyo-in-Paris-yatzer-7 Monsieur-Bleu-at-the-Palais-de-Tokyo-in-Paris-yatzer-5Monsieur-Bleu-Palais-de-Tokyo-Paris-Yellowtrace-24 Monsieur-Bleu-Palais-de-Tokyo-Paris-Yellowtrace-17 Monsieur-Bleu-Palais-de-Tokyo-Paris-Yellowtrace-07 Monsieur-Bleu-Palais-de-Tokyo-Paris-Yellowtrace-03 Monsieur-Bleu-Palais-de-Tokyo-Paris-Yellowtrace-02images via of yatzer.com and yellowtrace.com