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I am having a very serious love affair with cement / concrete tile right now.  I am completely obsessed and in love with the graphic patterns, subtle and not so subtle color variations and the matte texture and hand.  I ordered some color samples from Granada Tile, and they are just gorgeous.  The depth of each color is just beautiful, and the feel of the tile is just amazing…I can picture bare feet on a warm day walking down a great tiled hallway in a fantastic modern Spanish home – the cool feel of the concrete tile, the stark yet graphic feel of the space…Ok, sorry – back down to earth…Anyway, here are some inspiration images and some tile pattern favorites I have found so far.  I absolutely LOVE the gray and white bold patterns, some of which are shown below, and have such admiration for the many projects that I have found and were done, seemingly without a bit of hesitation…I just love the graphic quality they give each space, and how many have such a timeless quality as well.  The tile can lean toward either a classic or modern style.  We have a very small guest bathroom that is in desperate need of being remodeled…might I be so bold to go for it??  I will keep you posted…Enjoy!

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banner10CirculosAsh_400x400images via granada tile, cement tile shop, misc.