Ok.  I may be completely crazy, but I love a pure white sofa.  I mean…I LOVE a pure white sofa.  Anytime I see an interior with a white sofa, I practically drool.  But is it practical?  Is it even remotely practical?  I have been shopping for a new sofa for months now.  I think it has taken me so long because I desperately want a pure white sofa, but know I shouldn’t.  It was easier for me to buy my car.  I walked in, took a test drive and bought my car within a few hours.  This sofa thing has literally been going on for months!  So, am I crazy? I’m sure the minute I buy one I will regret it…But I’m mostly worried I will regret not buying one even more…

Simpliciter Sofa by B&B Italia

Crono Sofa by B&B Italia

Ghost sofa by Gervasoni

Shelter Arm Sofa by Restoration Hardware

The other thing I love about all these sofas is that they all have bench seat base cushions which adds to the beautiful clean white lines!