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I get dozens of great design magazines each month – I’m kind of a junkie that way.  I have piles of them that I am just waiting to go through…In particular, waiting for the perfect warm afternoon to sit on the patio, under the grapevines with a glass of wine with time to slowly read though every one – or at least 2 or 3!  When my Sunset Magazine showed up the other day – low and behold…there was an amazing destination hotel profiled that really caught my eye.  Not Architectural Digest, not Cote Est, or Elle Decor or Interior Design Magazine…but Sunset Magazine.  Check this out…what wonderfully clean, simple architecture – with a little nod to Neutra, that subtly ( the best part! ) tucks into the landscape…the interiors are wonderfully clean ( white! ) and simple as well.  What more do you need when you are floating above the incredible valley and landscape below?  What a view!  So, so cool!  And with further exploration, I find that they are part of Groupo Habita ( of course they are! ) – who also own a few other favorite hotels of mine…one favorite is Distrito Capito in San Diego.  I have been a huge fan of their hotel design for so long…I love the minimal, industrial, sort of raw feeling of the spaces.  How fun it would be to design for a group that does not hold back, or seem to have rules…Just love.

Images via designboom