Most of the time, I believe less is more.  I love simple, bold statements, whether it be with a large signature furniture piece in a room, or one shot of a strong color in an otherwise neutral palette, or something like this project…the VERY confident use of only 2 – 3 materials and /or colors (or lack of!).  You may have already seen this rental vacation home in Treia Italy – Casa Olive, by Swiss Architects Wespi De Meuron, but I felt it was SO well done – just phenomenal in my opinion, that it was worth sharing again.  I just LOVE the smooth white walls, floors and ceilings with the natural, textural stone…it’s so serene.  The juxtaposition of the stark modern pool with the historical architecture…Perfection.  I think that a 3+ week stay there would be just about perfect!!  Enjoy!

images by Hannes Henz