Timing is everything.  To be honest, I have been in a bit of a creative rut lately – maybe because summer is coming to and end…and though I love the fall, I dont think I am quite ready to say goodby to summer just yet.  So just when this uninspired feeling was really starting to get to me ( you might note the lack of posts from me in quite awhile ) I get an Est email in my mailbox this morning and this space got me going again!  This is my absolutely favorite palette – predominantly white, with touches of black, gray and neutral – and all done using raw and/or natural materials…it makes me happy just looking at it!!  It doesn’t hurt that the architecture is modern, clean and simple, and that the location is to die for!  I love the mixture of textures and styles; modern mixed with ethnic, natural, traditional, classic and even tribal…all pulled together magically…the overall feeling is just wonderful.  Just look at those amazing black suede pillows on the sofa…and what looks to be the trunk of a eucalyptus tree…the colors and texture of that trunk are just beautiful – a piece of art in itself!  Enjoy!!

images via Est & Les Interieurs